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We provide access to expert medical professionals from a variety of fields in convenient Sydney locations with state of the art facilities.

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Our patients benefit from a wide range of medical and cosmetic treatments from our specialist clinics in Sydney CBD, Barangaroo & Chatswood.


Our doctors provide a caring and compassionate gynaecological services to cater to your needs.

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Skin Cancer

Our Barangaroo skin cancer clinic uses the most advanced skin examination methods to treat skin cancer.

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Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

Is snoring affecting your life? Consider SleepTight snoring treatment. No gadgets & lasting results.

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Remove stubborn pockets of fat with liposculpture, a permanent fat reduction method with minimal down time.

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Specialist Injectables

Effective non-surgical treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) & teeth grinding (bruxism).

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With our team of doctors, renowned in their respective fields of specialty, Specialist Clinics of Australia is committed to delivering you the highest standard of care.

Latest News

What Causes Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a prevalent condition that becomes even more common with age. Symptoms and causes vary between different types of incontinence.

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Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Causes and Treatments

Dr Garry Cussell discusses how throat anatomy affects your snoring and how laser treatments work to help you manage your snoring.

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Manage Your Snoring, Help Your New Years Resolutions

Poor sleep contributes to weight gain, and weight gain contributes to snoring, so steps to manage snoring can work in favour of your New Years resolutions.

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Alcohol and Snoring: How to Manage the Silly Season

Unfortunately, alcohol is a big contributor to snoring and sleep apnoea. Read on to find out how it works and how you can minimise its effects.

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