Microcannula Liposculpture

How about shaping your body according to the dream look that you have in your mind? Liposculpture is an innovative procedure can give you the body that you want with little to no downtime! Dr. Michael Rich, who is one of Australia’s leading liposculpture surgeons offers this procedure at Specialist Clinics of Australia in Sydney.

Sometimes you may find that even if you’re slim and fit, the shape of your body might not have the look that you desire. Perhaps you find that you have  stubborn pockets of fat, which are so difficult to remove – even with diet or strenuous exercise.

If this is the case, you may want to consider a cosmetic procedure. There are various ways of removing these pockets of fat, and having tested many of them, Dr. Rich has realised that his patients achieved the best body shaping results when treated with Microcannula Liposculpture.

What is Microcannula Liposculpture?

Microcannula Liposculpture is a form of liposculpture, which is performed using a tiny cannula that has a diameter of 0.9 mm to 2.5 mm. It is a minimally invasive form of liposuction that removes fat and sculpts your body.

The procedure aims to redefine your body’s contour and physique and was invented by Dr Jeffrey Klein who wanted to achieve excellent cosmetic results with short post-procedure recovery time.

What are the benefits of Microcannula Liposculpture?

“Microcannula Liposculpture is the least invasive method to remove pockets of fat from your body,” says Dr Rich. “There is a very short downtime, minimal bruising and small incision site make it the most precise fat-removing method available.”

5 Benefits of Microcannula Liposculpture at Specialist Clinics of Australia:

  1. Small cannula. Thanks to the small cannula, there’s more control over the procedure and there’s less chance of taking too much fat. This is important as getting too much fat out can cause an effect called rippling. Rippling is the hollowing of the skin if too much fat is taken out from under the skin.
  2. Small incision site. The small diameter of the cannula means that the incision site is very small. Thanks to this, the method minimises the chances of scarring. Additionally, as a part of the treatment, we provide you with professional creams that reduce your scarring even further.
  3. Local anaesthetic. The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic. This means that the long recovery time associated with a general anaesthetic is virtually non-existent.
  4. Skin tightening and contraction (Stimulation of collagen production). Once the fat cells are taken out to build an aesthetically pleasing shape, the cannula moves superficially under the surface of the skin. This creates a certain kind of trauma to the cells, which stimulates collagen production. Don’t be afraid of the way it sounds as this is actually great because it helps the tightening and wrapping of the skin around the treated areas. As an outcome, there’s less chance that you’ll get loose skin (depending on skin quality, of course). So you will also have a skin tightening effect, which you don’t really get with other forms of liposuction.
  5. Short recovery period. The short recovery period is due to a few factors: first of all the superstar cannula, which has displayed so many benefits already, but also our surgeon, Dr. Michael Rich. Dr. Rich comes to Sydney each Friday in order to perform the procedures just before the weekend, giving you that extra special time to recover in peace. You just need to take Friday off work and by Monday, you can go back to your normal activities!


You can get the same amount of fat out of your body as Liposuction, even though the cannula is so small!

Legally, during one liposuction procedure, you can get 6 litres of fat out of your body. This is a lot! Microcannula Liposculpture lets you drain the same amount of fat as the traditional liposculpture but in a much more controlled manner, which reduces various risks such as rippling of the skin.

What happens after the procedure?

After the procedure, you are likely to get some bruising. However, do not be afraid of this as we provide you with all necessary bruising creams and medication. This way we help you reduce the duration of the bruising.

You will most likely be tender for a couple of days after the procedure. It’s a similar soreness as if you went for a heavy workout at the gym – the discomfort can be easily relieved with over-the-counter painkillers.

After-care includes a preliminary review the following day and full review by Dr Rich two months after the procedure, including more details and a photographic session.

When will I see the results?

The results can be very dramatic and you will see a clear difference about 4 weeks after the procedure.

For the first two weeks, you’ll need to wear a compression garment full-time. After that, you can reduce it to wearing the garment part-time. This is to make sure that you keep that perfect, hourglass shape that you’ve dreamed of!

The garment helps with skin tightening and retraction. It also has antimicrobial properties, so you can be sure that you’ve taken care of once the procedure is done.

The permanent results are visible 4 weeks after the procedure and this is the time when you return to our clinic for a checkup. This is the time when we take “after” photos to compare the nice changes that took place in the shape of your body.

How much fat are you going to take out?

This is an extremely individual matter, one that can’t be assessed without seeing the patient. It’s not so much about the fat itself because different amounts of fat can be removed in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing shape.

Dr. Rich will assess your body and decide what is necessary to be done for the patient to achieve the dream shape.

What about those stubborn pockets of fat?

Lots of people have stubborn pockets of fat that are not easily tamed by diet or exercise. This can be very frustrating because no matter how much energy and effort you put in getting rid of those troublesome areas – they will still be there.

In this case, Microcannula Liposculpture is exactly the procedure that you need! Just like its name suggests, the procedure is going to literally sculpture your shape to a desired outcome.



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