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We’ve used GynaeLase to perform over 300 treatments for female urinary incontinence with an 88% total average improvement rate, and when these patients share their personal stories, it’s truly meaningful for us.

Helen, a beauty therapist and mother of three, came to Specialist Clinics of Australia in September to discuss her concerns with stress urinary incontinence. It’s quite common for women to experience urinary incontinence after having children, to varying degrees. Alternative treatments to GynaeLase can vary from Kegel exercises to surgical procedures, depending on the individual case.

Another doctor had told Helen that, because of her bladder problem, she would need surgery to remove her uterus; news that can be unnerving for any woman. She said that she felt like almost like she had a hernia. She was limited in the exercises that she could do and when she felt a cough or a sneeze coming on, she had to stop and stand still.

After consulting with the doctors at Specialist Clinics of Australia, Helen decided to try GynaeLase, an Er-YAG Laser treatment. The laser creates a controlled heating of the connective tissue in the vaginal walls. The heat causes the tissue to contract and stimulates the creation of new collagen to strengthen and tighten the muscle. For significant results, a patient needs to have a few treatments at regular intervals, and the collagen takes time to develop to its full strength.

Helen began her treatments in September 2017, and when she came in for a maintenance treatment this month, we were so happy to hear about how much the treatment helped her.

“I feel like I’m back to normal, and I’m really happy,” she told us. She also said that she can go back to her regular exercises and enjoy long walks with her kids. She doesn’t need to wear a panty liner at all and she probably won’t need to undergo surgery. We’re really happy for her as well.

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