Liposculpture Nurse Jenny

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia we have the most passionate and experienced staff. Nurse Jenny discusses her career as a Liposculpture nurse!

What are your qualifications?
I’m a registered nurse with 25 years’ experience in intensive care and 20 years in cardiac care. I’ve assisted in the operating theatre many times throughout my career.

How did you get into this field?
I have always had an interest in cosmetic medicine, so becoming a Liposculpture nurse was the perfect career for me.

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Why do you love what you do?
I love the patient/ nurse relationship, and caring for people, especially when they need it.

How do most people feel going into the operating room?
Majority of them are full of the fear of the unknown, so it’s very important to put them at ease and demystify the whole procedure. Relating to people shows empathy and understanding of their situation.

Why are they awake during surgery and, is it painful?
If they’re awake throughout the procedure they minimise their risk by not having a general anaesthetic, which carries it’s own problems. They can stay a minimal length of time post operation and can go back to work quickly. It’s less expensive too.
I wouldn’t say it’s “painful”, more just uncomfortable, like someone’s pushing you under your skin. We use a tumescent infusion which has an anaesthetic property in it and the area involved is numbed before the liposculpture takes place.

How do they feel when they come out?
They are often sleepy and feel like they’ve just done an hour’s gym work. But that settles down quickly.

Do they often love the results? Is it worth it?
I’ve yet to see anyone who hasn’t been happy with their end result. As long as they’re realistic about the outcome, and listen to Dr Rich when he says it’s “shape changing” not weight reduction, the patient is usually extremely happy.
When I see the patient pre-operation and talk to them about their concerns, then see them a few months down the track, they all say it was worth it!

How long is the surgery? 
The usual full abdomen, love handles and back flanks, which is the most popular procedure, takes about one and a half hours. Arms or legs takes about an hour. Chin is usually 20 minutes.

What is your view/experience of Dr Rich? 
I have the utmost respect and admiration for Dr Rich. Apart from being extremely professional and excellent in his technique, He has a marvellous rapport with his patients and is very sensitive to their needs. He always delivers what he promises.

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