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Regina wanted a fast and effective way to slim her body and re-sculpt her stomach and lower back area. So she went to Dr Michael Rich at Specialist Clinics of Australia. Regina discusses the process involved:

The first consultation:
“During the first consultation. Dr Michael Rich and I discussed my areas of concern. He conducted a ‘pinch’ test to see if I was suitable for Liposculpture, or whether another non-invasive option would have been better. It turned out I was the perfect candidate for Liposculpture. He discussed the process and what the cost would be. He talked about the pre and after care involved with the Liposculpture procedure and told me I would have to wear a tight garment 2-4 weeks before the procedure and 4 weeks after” explains Regina. At this initial consultation Dr Michael Rich provides more information for the patient to take home, so the client can make an informed decision.

The second consultation:
The second consultation is conducted if the client has agreed to have the treatment and to discuss the next steps. Regina says “in this consultation the nurse took my blood test to make sure I was healthy enough for the procedure. I then booked in my treatment and paid a 25% deposit. I was then measured for garment size and before procedure photos were taken. I was also given a prescription for antibiotics to take the night before the operation.”

The nurse dresses the patient in preparation for surgery. Once ready, Dr Michael Rich discusses the areas to be treated again and draws around the areas on the body.
Regina says “the nurse then gives an injection of anaesthetic to help relax you during the procedure. It’s a strange feeling because I could feel the micro-cannula rod inside my body, but it wasn’t painful. The treatment of my stomach and lower back took 1 hour.”

The nurse then cleanses the body, and places dressing pads on the wound area to help it heal and places the garment over the treated areas. “I then went to the recovery area where I rested on a comfy lounge for 2 hours, to ensure everything is normal and the surgery went well.” Regina says. Family or friends then pick up the patient to take them safely home.

Liposculpture or LiposuctionThe first post treatment consultation:
The day after the procedure Dr Michael Rich will inspect the area to ensure the area is looking healthy. The dressing over the scar is changed and a new garment suit is put back on to wear for another 4 weeks.

The second post treatment consultation:
The second post procedure consult is conducted 8 weeks after the treatment to ensure the scars are healing well.

The third post treatment consultation:
The third post treatment consultation is required 6 months after the procedure. At this time Dr Michael Rich takes ‘after’ pictures so results can be compared with the original photos.

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