Specialist Clinics of Australia‘s snoring treatment, SleepTight was recently featured on A Current Affair. It’s a proven, safe, gentle laser treatment, which reduces the amplitude of snoring and sleep apnoea in three, 20 minute sessions.

The CEO and Principal Physician, Dr Garry Cussell, explains why SleepTight has become one of the leading solutions for those who suffer from snoring or sleep apnoea.

8 thoughts on “SleepTight Featured On A Current Affair”

  1. V says:

    Hi my partner snores everynight and i wanted to know if he first needs to do an MRI and sleep ap test before coming to see you/

    1. SpecialistClinics says:

      Hello V,

      There is no need for a MRI or a sleep apnoea test prior to coming to Specialist Clinics of Australia. All you need to do is fill a consultation form: https://specialistaustralia.com.au/specialties/snoring/enquiry/ and we’ll give your partner a thorough consultation to see if they’re a suitable candidate for the SleepTight treatment.

      Specialist Clinics of Australia

  2. PS says:

    Is there a clinic in Brisbane I have just lost my mum and don’t sleep well and my husband doesn’t help he keeps me up all night I have tried so many things and why is it so expensive I am only on a pension

  3. DM says:

    I would like to make an appointment.

    domenic moio

    1. SpecialistClinics says:

      Hi Domenic

      If you want to make an appointment in regards to the treatments at Specialist Clinics of Australia, contact us on 02 8459 0312.

      Kindest regards
      Specialist Clinics of Australia

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