Specialist Clinics of Australia is dedicated to caring for the health and well-being of women at any age, including obstetrics, general and specialised gynaecology services.

General Gynaecology

Abnormal pap smears & laser treatment

Ovarian cysts

Menstrual irregularities

Pelvic pain


Utero-vaginal prolapse

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Non-invasive laser treatments

Non-invasive laser treatments (GynaeLase, MonaLisa Touch, IntimaLase & ThermiVa) for:

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Preconception counselling & Advice

Recurrent miscarriage

Antenatal care

Vaginal deliveries

Caesarean section deliveries

Management of high risk pregnancies

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Our Gynaecologists offer the best treatment options from every area of gynaecological and obstetric medicine, as well as state of the art equipment so you have access to the most technologically advanced treatment options.

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Our gynaecologists are experts in their fields and experienced in all aspects of women’s health. Our team cover a wide range of specialities including urodynamics, cosmetic gynaecology and pioneering non-invasive laser gynaecology treatments. We have male and female doctors at our convenient Sydney CBD clinic.

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Latest Gynaecology News

PCOS & Acne

PCOS patients often experience active acne, because the ovaries over-produce testosterone and other androgens.

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GynaeLase – As heard on Kyle & Jackie O

As heard on Kyle & Jackie O GynaeLase is a revolutionary laser therapy for vaginal issues associated with child birth, menopause or just general ageing. 

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Vaginal Laxity – Cause & Treatment

GynaeLase is a safe, non-invasive photo thermal laser treatment for tightening of the vaginal canal and restoring natural hydration.

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GynaeLase for Stress Incontinence

GynaeLase is a safe, non-invasive laser therapy for the treatment of a weak bladder. Get back to the exercise you once loved.

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“Dr Burnet is warm and approachable. His follow up calls after treatment were a fabulous personal response which I really appreciated. The CBD location was an added bonus so I could pop out during my lunch break.”

Margarita Vlachos, 49
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