Sydney Gynaecologists

Specialist Clinics of Australia is dedicated to caring for the health and well-being of women at any age, including obstetrics, general and specialised laser gynaecology services.

General Gynaecology

Investigation, counselling and management of women’s health issues including:

  • Abnormal pap smears
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Pelvic pain
  • Menopause
  • Urodynamics
  • Colposcopy (same day available)
  • Utero-vaginal prolapse
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Specialist Gynaecology Treatments

GynaeLase is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatment program that addresses symptoms associated with child birth and menopause such as:

Our GynaeLase technology may incorporate:

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Our highly experienced Obstetricians are dedicated to ensuring you have utmost confidence throughout your pregnancy journey.

  • Preconception counselling & Advice
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Antenatal care
  • Vaginal deliveries
  • Caesarean section deliveries
  • Management of high risk pregnancies
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Our Gynaecologists offer the best treatment options from every area of gynaecological and obstetric medicine, as well as state of the art equipment so you have access to the most technologically advanced treatment options.

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Our gynaecologists are experts in their fields and experienced in all aspects of women’s health. Our team cover a wide range of specialities including urodynamics, cosmetic gynaecology and pioneering non-invasive laser gynaecology treatments at our Barangaroo & Chatswood clinics.

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Gynaecology News

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There's a lot of confusion around flying while pregnant and daily precautions to take on your daily commute, so we decided to clear some of it up.

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A Message for Menopause Awareness Month

Dr Ujwala Parashar, our Gynaecologist with over 10 years of medical experience, has a special message for women this Menopause Awareness Month.

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Menopausal Symptoms That Aren’t Discussed Enough

Here are some of the less often talked about symptoms, like painful sex and incontinence, that are perfectly normal for menopause, and can often be treated.

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“Before the GynaeLase treatment, I had a bladder problem and I was told that I would have to get my uterus removed . . . Now, I have no worries at all. Since the treatment, I’ve been told that I don’t need an operation. I can do my regular exercises, go for long walks with my kids and I don’t have to wear a panty liner at all anymore. I feel like I’m back to normal and I’m really happy.”

Helen M, NSW
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