In your second consultation, we will take photos and measurements, go through consent forms and the details of aftercare required. You’ll be measured for a compression garment and provided with a thorough quote. When you are ready, we will book in a date most suitable to you. Liposculpture procedures are usually done on a Friday and we’ll ask you to return on a Saturday for a post-procedure check up. Patients are able to walk out of the clinic after their procedure so there is minimal downtime.

Most people are able to go back to work on Monday. You’ll be wearing a garment full-time for 2 weeks and will be a little tender and usually there’s not much bruising. People who do strenuous physical activity work may wish to take the first few days off.

Your next appointment date with Specialist Clinics of Australia is two weeks before the planned procedure. This is where we finalise all the surgery arrangements and make any last minute assessments. We will weigh and measure you at this time and give a prescription for preventative antibiotics to be commenced on the day of surgery. We always check that you’re happy with the pre-treatment photos and check you have a properly fitted garment and are comfortable in wearing it.

With payment, we require you to pay a 25% deposit at this visit to proceed with your booking. Then, we require you to pay the balance one week before your procedure date.

We carefully go through the procedure consent forms with you. We’ll give you these written consent forms to take home and require you to return these signed consents on the day of the procedure.

Treatment Day

You’ll arrive on your designated time on the day of the procedure. We recommend you have a light breakfast as this is not a general anaesthesia and is done while you’re awake under local anaesthesia. On arrival, you’ll be given oral medication and when the procedure commences, you’ll be given some intramuscular pain killers. This will make you feel drowsy, so you’ll need someone to drive you there. It’s forbidden under law to drive yourself home after a procedure like this.

When the procedure’s completed, you’ll put on your body garment. We’ll make an appointment for you to come the following morning the check the wound and to change the dressing. You’ll be required to wear the body garment full time for two weeks, then for 12 hours a day for the following two weeks either during the day or night. Final assessment is made two months after the liposculpture and final photography and measures are completed.