How often should I check my skin?

Try and get into a routine of doing a thorough check about every two months – monthly if you have a known history of skin cancer.

How do you check for skin cancer?

You can follow our guide for self mole checks here, if you book an appointment our doctors will provide further advice on doing you self-check at home.

If you are concerned about any spots or markings on your skin, then make an appointment straight away with a qualified skin cancer doctor. You can call Specialist Clinics of Australia on 02 8459 0312.

Do I need any equipment?

It’s really important that you have good lighting, a full-length mirror (as well as a small hand mirror) so that you can easily see all areas of your skin. A chair can also be helpful. You may like to ask your partner or family member to help you examine those hard-to-see areas, such as your back, back of the neck, scalp and back of your thighs.

What am I looking for?

Keep an eye out for any spots on your skin that have appeared out of nowhere, or changed colour, size, or shape over the last few weeks or months. You should also take note of any pimples or bumps that don’t seem to heal. Or dry, patchy areas of skin that bleed easily or ulcerate if left untreated. Also see Types of Skin Cancer for further information on the appearance of skin cancers.