Stop Snoring with SleepTight

SleepTight is a fast, safe and gentle laser based anti-snoring treatment. In three simple painless sessions, your snoring and sleep apnoea will be reduced in no time. No side effects. No gadgets. It is a treatment, not a device.

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How it Works

When the soft tissue at the back of your throat relaxes during sleep, it falls into the airway, blocking it, which results in snoring. Our revolutionary SleepTight laser treatment works by tightening the skin that would relax and obstruct the air passage.

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The Process

The treatment of your ailment starts with a free and careful assessment of the level of your snoring and sleep apnoea. If you’re a suitable candidate for the SleepTight treatment, three sessions over two months period are going to be scheduled.

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Since SleepTight works by tightening the lax tissue in your throat, you will feel a difference already after the first session. A definite change and improvement to your snoring will come into full effect a month after the last SleepTight session.

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Dr Garry Cussell MBBS (Medicine & Surgery) Sydney Uni

Snoring & Specialist Injectables

Clinical Director, Dr Garry Cussell, founder of the Specialist Clinics of Australia (formerly known as The George Street Specialist Centre) and medical practitioner for the past 30 years is considered a leader in the field of cosmetic medicine and more recently, in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea. His dedication to practicing...

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Snoring can be a deeply personal condition that affects people in different ways and impacts your overall health and wellbeing. Our consultants are experts at recognising the symptoms of snoring and sleep apnoea and can advise the best ways to help you manage, reduce or even prevent snoring with the aid of our revolutionary laser treatment. Book a complimentary, no obligation, consultation today.

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As featured on A Current Affair

Our revolutionary SleepTight laser treatment has even been featured on A Current Affair with high profile patients such as NRL legend Mark Geyer describing ‘almost immediate results’.

Latest Snoring News

SleepTight Credentials

The SleepTight laser treatment is used to alleviate snoring and sleep apnoea and has been used for over five years in Europe, North America & South America.

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Alternative Treatments to SleepTight

There are many treatments available on the market which claim to prevent or cure snoring and sleep apnoea, each of these options have their pros and cons.

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Channel 7 NEWS! Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Treatment

As featured on Channel 7 News, snoring & sleep apnoea carries many health risks. Why not try our proven non-surgical treatment.

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SleepTight – Research & Development At SCA!

SCA implement research and development through clinical trials to assess a state-of-the-art therapy ‘SleepTight’ for treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea.

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“I got to a certain stage where I just go so tired due to a lack of sleep. My health suffered as a result of my snoring habits, so I found myself sleeping during the day as a result of this. Ever since I got the treatment, I find I don’t feel the need to sleep during the day. I’m a happy camper for getting this treatment.”

John, 31, NSW
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