You will start to notice results after your first laser treatment for snoring, as your collagen production will kick in to immediately contract the tissues at the back of your throat. However, the maximum effect of the SleepTight treatment program on your snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms will be most noticeable six months after your third treatment.

How long will my result last?

For the majority of patients, the improvements from the initial three laser treatments may last six to twelve months. Further treatments 1 – 3 times a year are required to maintain results. However, this will vary depending on the person’s age and skin laxity. As we age, the density of our collagen fibres reduces, so over time, the strength and elasticity of the skin will sag. In this case, the skin we have tightened to reduce your snoring or sleep apnoea will most likely lose its laxity over time.

We advise you to have repeated laser treatments, so new collagen growth production will occur and maintain the strength of the skin.

Please note that SleepTight laser treatment for snoring is an extremely effective method of reducing your snoring – but this is not the case for all people. Also, the longer you leave this treatment, the more severe the condition may become. For some people, the SleepTight treatment may not be suitable for their needs. This will be assessed during your initial consultation to see if you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure. If you’re not suitable for the SleepTight treatment, other alternative treatments may be discussed.