“The Sleep Tight treatment has made an incredible difference to my life. I have energy, I don’t need a “Nanna Nap” nearly every day (I have only had one in the entire month since I started treatment!) People comment on how well I look, not how awful I look. I sleep better, my wife sleeps better. I don’t feel tired all the time. I actually want to do things and go places. I am enjoying life once again! I cold go on and on. It has been LIFE CHANGING!! I tell everyone I know about it, as I think everyone should have the same change at better sleep as I have had.”

Richard R, NSW

“The entire sleep tight program has been great from the minute I called up. My consultant Jenny is fantastic and no matter which lady Carries out the treatment, the result is consistent. In addition, I have a busy lifestyle and cannot always make my appointment/often need to rebook, so the courtesy and customer service from the reception team when I need it is some of the best I have experienced anywhere.”

Luke Dawson , NSW

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SleepTight laser snoring treatment testimonial

SleepTight snoring treatment testimonial

“It’s now been two months since my final SleepTight treatment and my snoring has completely stopped which is fantastic. I used to wake myself up at times, so to be able to sleep all the way through is bliss. I even treated myself to a new mattress and black-out curtains to maximise my sleep.”

Mathew Thompson 32, NSW

“After years of finding treatments to cure my snoring habit unsuccessful, I decided to give SleepTight a go. After three treatments, I found my snoring has greatly improved. And the staff at Specialist Clinics of Australia are so helpful. ”

Bruce Egerdie 49, NSW

“I got to a certain stage where I just go so tired due to a lack of sleep. My health suffered as a result of my snoring habits, so I found myself sleeping during the day as a result of this. Ever since I got the treatment, I find I don’t feel the need to sleep during the day. I’m a happy camper for getting this treatment.”

John, 31, NSW

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